Supply of BALISE for installation between the tracks of Metro Caracas for the control of the safety of the movement of trains.

CPA produces ground data transmission equipment such as BOE Eurobalise, transponders installed between the tracks of a railway section in which there is a device for monitoring the safety of the movement of trains.

Supply and installation of RCE Event Recorders Clocks for railway signaling systems.

The Chronological Event Recorder (RCE) is the black box of the Signaling Systems (IS) and allows you to record the status of its inputs connected to the free contacts of the Relays of the IS System to be monitored on a removable Memory Card.

CPA has supplied and installed various versions of RCE for subway stations and concession railways.

Application design and installation of signaling systems (SCMT, SSC)

Installation of SSC signaling systems on Trenitalia railcars and locomotives

Design and installation of GE Transportation Systems on-board subsystem
on Tram Bombardier A32 in Stockholm