Braking Alarm Systems

Neutralizable passenger alarm systems “PAS” according to EN-16334, in collaboration with KNORR BREMSE.

The PAS plant was developed by CPA ELETTRONICA on the basis of EN-16334 in collaboration with BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION and KNORR BREMSE.

The purpose of the passenger alarm system is to allow the driver to maintain control of the train broking even after the activation of the emergency braking request. The driver is thus able to choose to keep the train moving or to stop in a safe place.

The control unit, the 9-pole couplers (fixed and flying), the terminal blocks of the pipeline and the entire system are able to meet the requirements of “running capability” and are able to withstand a fire for 15 minutes without loss of operation.

Intercom panel PAS-MK-FP

Connector removable and fixed

The unit PAS-CO-FP