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Reverse Engineering

Design, prototyping, testing and production of Obsolete electronic and electromechanical Spare Parts

Traction and Braking Master Controller for Aln 668

Traction and Braking Master Controller for Aln 668

Drawing on the many years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic and electromechanical components and systems for railway applications, CPA Elettronica has developed a high-level competence in the activity of Reverse Engineering for the realization of Railway Obsolete Spare Parts.

The Process starts with an analysis of the input data, such as original drawings (when available), physical samples, technical specifications etc.., continues with the individuation of technical and economic sustainable solutions and then with the design and construction of the prototype, followed then by type and functional testing on prototype itself, and engineering development of the project finalized to the production, even for small series.

When necessary, prototype testing and direct measurements are performed on the rolling stock, in order to ensure an effective validation of the design.

Through the implementation of this Process, CPA Elettronica is able to provide Spare Parts that have become obsolete and complicate to be found.

In the example image, the Traction and Braking Master Controller for Aln 668 has been re-engineered and manufactured in small number of items on the basis of the analysis of a single physical sample of the original device.