Research and Development

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Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development in CPA Elettronica is an iterative process that integrates the analysis of requirements, the definition of a “design concept”, the realization of a prototype, laboratory tests, final development of the project and final testing validation on the vehicle.
Thanks to the multi-year experience in the railway sector of its own Designers, CPA Elettronica performs electrical and electronic projects for the whole vehicle system and for its subcomponents:
– Vehicle logic Design

– Vehicle functional specifications

– Software of vehicle logic and e Diagnostic.

– Testing specifications of vehicle and sub-systems

– Functional specifications for electrical interface of Converters, Air conditioning systems, board computer systems, Doors, Signalling systems, Pneumatic system etc.

– Specifications AT, MT e BT Devices

– Electrical Lay-out with disposal of on-board devices

– Vehicle cabling optimization to reduce assembly time.

– Energy balance of medium voltage circuits (380 Vac e 24 Vcc) and low voltage circuits (24 Vcc o 36 Vcc)

– Electronic design

– HVAC Plants Design

– Design and tracing of AT, MT, BT diagrams

– Design of topografic diagrams vehicle and sub-systems

– Tables for AT, MT cable cutting

– Design AT, MT and BT panels

– Design of battery box and AT circuit ground disconnect.switch

– Design of complete work bench, including traction and braking Master Controllers

– Assistance to put the prototype train into service

– Training and support assistance for preventive and corrective maintenance.