Integrated air purity improvement system

eCO2rail systems allow the integration of multiple air purification systems to fight the recent Coronavirus emergency.

It is possible to integrate into HVAC the following air treatment systems optimized for use on railway rolling stock, to reduce/eliminate dust, micro-organisms, bacteria, molds and viruses in environments destined to on-board personnel and passengers:

  • Sanitizing of passenger environments
  • Sanitization of air treatment
  • Environmental parameter detection system

Sanitization of passenger areas

Sanitization with Ozone

Implementation of a sanitation system by means of ozone injected into passenger environments throughout the air conditioning system, which has to be used in the absence of passengers on board for reduced time periods at the end of the service.

Sanitization of air treatment

after the sanitization of passenger environments, there are some actions which allow to maintain the healthiness of the environments, while the vehicle is in service. Sanitization takes place using the following mechanisms:

Mechanical filtering

Implementation and use of optimized filters in compliance with the load losses provided by air conditioning systems to block the entry of pollen, dust, particulate bacteria and viruses (HEPA filters).

UV treatment

The air treated by the air conditioner is sterilized using UV-A and UV-C sources that allow to kill the bacterial and viral flora present in the air taken from the outside and in the air of recirculation; this system also allows to prevent the formation of molds on the heat exchangers and in the pipes ensuring the optimum efficiency of the air conditioner over time.

Environmental parameter detection system

HVAC is able to detect and monitor environmental parameters in real time, adjusting and integrating the intervention of sanitization systems.


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