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Train cabin’s Air conditioning

Conditioning Controller

Conditioning Controller

CPA Electronics produces management systems for the cabin’s conditioning.

It is a plant for recycling of indoor air with outdoor air partial renewal, working with refrigerant R.407c, according to the Montreal Protocol and subsequent amendments.
The sturdy steel frame has removable panels for easy access to all components.

According to customer specification, control electronics developed also allows easy integration with popular conditioning cabin system present on locomotives and railcars on the Italian and European international rail system.

The system in its composition consists of a monobloc, normally installed inside the control desk and comprising:

  • the motorcycle section condensing
  • the air treated inlet and outlet grilles
  • the electric panel
  • the air handling section
  • the control panel located on the driver’s desk

Conditioning SystemEssential component of the system are filter driers , which are installed on the liquid line, help retain moisture and impurities present in the refrigeration circuit.
These filters contain a cartridge ceramic cylindrical, chemically inert, non-deliquescent and non-reactive with the refrigerant, not only able to block the moisture present in the refrigeration system (action DRYING), but also all the products of cleavage of the compressor’s lubricating oil (action antacid). The compressors refrigerators are of the rotary type, able to withstand the shocks and vibrations of the railway, having been designed and tested in a number of similar systems, installed on trains and locomotives.